…Frequently Asked Questions


Most common question: “What does a session cost?”


As per the HPCSA ethical guidelines, costs of sessions will not be advertised, a client may contact a practice and make a verbal request. The following rates do however apply for sessions medical scheme rates, private rates, and injury on duty rates. These rates are subject to the regulations released at the time of a session.




Where are you situated?

We currently have three locations:
1. Hospital Practice – KuilsRiver Netcare Hospital

2. Kuilsriver Centre – 1 DeKuilen street, DeKuilen, KuilsRiver

3. EersteRiver – 10 Stanley road, Melton Rose, EersteRiver, entrance in Melton Road

(refer to Locations  for directions)


Do you take medical aid?

Yes, this is subject to the rules and regulations of the individual medical scheme and does not guarantee payment of a session.

Do you see clients injured while on duty?

Yes, see the IOD Brochure for all the requirements as per the Government gazette.

Why is there a difference in rates for medical schemes, private and injury on duty?

We do not determine the rates of a medical scheme or injury on duty rates, these are determined by independent organizations and are subject to the rules and regulations of the bodies which govern them.

Do you have card facilities?

Card facilities are available at all practices.

Do you use Zapper and Snapscan?

Yes, this is available at all practices.

How long is a Physiotherapy session?

This can be dependent on the condition but is commonly 30 to 45 mins for the session. Some sessional time has been allocated to the sterilization of the rooms, as a safety measure to all clients.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

This is dependent on the condition, the assessment of the condition and the management needed to achieve optimal rehabilitation.

Do you do home visits?

No, we recommend clients use Physiotherapy At Home  – as an option for homebased services.

Clients are not limited to this recommendation, they may use any other physiotherapy service available to them. Gardener Physiotherapy PTY Ltd has no affiliation to or receives no benefit from the recommendation.

For a broader base of recommendations we suggest contacting the SASP

Why do you have different Physiotherapists?

1. We work as a team to provide quality care to clients

2. Clients have access to different therapists and their knowledge base.

3. Clients are able to make informed choices about the management.

Do you do Acupuncture?


Do you do Dry Needling?


Do you manage conditions such as Bell’s Palsy?


Why do I need to complete a consent form?

As part of the HPCSA rules and guidelines, this is a requirement.


For further enquires contact us at any one of the locations